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Training Resources

Deer Tracking Resources

New Puppy Guidelines

Detection Cleaning Protocols

The 4 Quadrants

Odor Principles - Ford K9

FCI Standard for the Hanoverian Scenthound

Owner Resources - Our Recommendations

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Training Food/Rewards

Daily Food


It is important that you have enough "arousal" for the task you are asking of your puppy or dog. If he/she seems to be low in energy and "going through the motions", your reward may not be high enough. Some dogs find obedience commands to be "expensive" and regular kibble is just not enough "pay" for the job. Imagine if I asked you to put a roof on my house for $5. If you had no choice but to do so, you'd resent it, and probably not do a good job. Make sure your payment is something your dog gets really excited about! Don't train "blanks" or low energy efforts. Put your dog up and reassess your rewards. 


I recommend tapping into your dog's primal instinct by using fur covered toys - but with no squeaker. Squeakers encourage self entertainment, and will complicate your important game of "bring to me". You are the one who puts life into the toy, and makes the game fun. Being relevant to your dog is a vital part of our training process. We never leave high value toys out, they are only offered when we are training, so they don't lose their value. 

We sell Foam Ball Dog Toys but you can also click here

Boiled chicken is great for "expensive" tasks such as recalls, long down/stay, or any task that your dog isn't too thrilled about. This goes for toys as well. Not sure what toy your dog likes the most? Lay them all out on the ground, and whichever one he chooses, could be his favorite and most motivated to give you behavior for. 

Victor Hi Pro.jpg

Recommended Gear

This style of clicker can be bought from us, I can't find a supplier in the US. They are $14.00 USD

10ft detection lead - very light

We are authorized dealers for Herm Sprenger, let us know if you need a prong or fursaver collar.

Ruffwear Booties

Best pouch for food rewards

Puppy Collar

These Niggeloh man trailing/wounded game tracking harnesses can be bought in the US via Amazon

2" Collar with Handle (for adults)

Icon Air Harness

Tracking Line

6ft standard leash


Indigo Dogloo - Med or Large

It is important that the doghouse sits on a pallet or surface off the ground in cold weather. Stuff an entire bale of straw in the doghouse if the dog is staying outdoors during the day in cold weather. During the summer, a layer of cedar shavings 4-6" deep will help prevent fleas. Do not buy the dogloo without the entryway, as it will not block the wind. I recommend the Indigo only. You can find used ones on FB Marketplace also, be sure to disinfect before placing in kennel

Outdoor 10' x 10' x 6' Kennel

(Shade is a MUST), for temporary use, Hanoverians need to be kept indoors

Sulfodene Ear Cleaner

Detection Gear

TADD training aid

Tea Ball - for hanging odor up high

Magnet for tea ball

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