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Our Hanoverians

We felt the need to enter into breeding the Hanoverian (we have many years of experience) after the purchase of our first Hanoverian was stricken with severe Epilepsy. Epilepsy can't be genetically tested for, but it most often occurs when inbreeding has been common practice. Nevertheless, we fell in love with this breed and didn't see anyone here in the US breeding the Hano with the level of standards they deserve. We have searched all over Europe for the very best Hanoverian Scenthounds, concentrating on private hunters whose dogs were high drive, social, and environmentally sound. On average it currently runs about $3500-4000 to import a puppy, and while it isn't difficult to do, it's a very expensive risk.   For this reason and because there is a great deal of work to be done on health testing, there's a lot of upfront investment on our part. Our puppies and dogs are not inexpensive, and we don't offer any breeding rights at this time. In the future, we will reconsider it for individuals who can demonstrate genetic knowledge and high standard of breeding practices. We have all seen every breed ruined by the backyard breeder, and we won't be part of that. It's not about greed for money, it's about the need for preservation of the breed which can only be done with significant knowledge in genetics and selection. Papers are issued with limited registration. I am open to co-ownership or partnerships if you can demonstrate financial ability as well as understanding of dog breeding genetics and health testing. At least 80% of our puppies and dogs are sold to working homes and professional agencies, but we always have one or two that are best suited for pet homes.

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