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Pakwerk Hanoverian Scenthounds

We felt the need to enter into breeding the Hanoverian (we have many years of experience) after the purchase of our first Hanoverian was stricken with severe Epilepsy. Epilepsy can't be genetically tested for, but it most often occurs when inbreeding has been common practice. Nevertheless, we fell in love with this breed and didn't see anyone here in the US breeding the Hano with the level of standards they deserve. We have searched all over Europe for the very best Hanoverian Scenthounds, concentrating on private hunters whose dogs were high drive, social, and environmentally sound. On average it currently runs about $3500-4000 to import a puppy, and while it isn't difficult to do, it's a very expensive risk.   For this reason and because there is a great deal of work to be done on health testing, there's a lot of upfront investment on our part. Our puppies and dogs are not inexpensive, and we don't offer any breeding rights at this time. In the future, we will reconsider it for individuals who can demonstrate genetic knowledge and high standard of breeding practices. We have all seen every breed ruined by the backyard breeder, and we won't be part of that. It's not about greed for money, it's about the need for preservation of the breed which can only be done with significant knowledge in genetics and selection. Papers are issued with limited registration. I am open to co-ownership or partnerships if you can demonstrate financial ability as well as understanding of dog breeding genetics and health testing. At least 80% of our puppies and dogs are sold to working homes and professional agencies, but we always have one or two that are best suited for pet homes.

What makes our program more favorable than others?

  • Our dogs were selected for their health, their environmental soundness, and for their high drives. You will find, as did we, that many HS currently here in the US, are often crossed with Plott hounds, or - come from a kennel who never worked their pups, and sold them with full registrations to anyone. Europe is not happy about either of that. We are not interested in crosses or producing puppies to pay our bills. Money made from our programs goes right back into the enormous expense we have invested in preserving this great breed, and continue to invest, by looking for the very best examples of the Hanoverian we can find, and bringing them here. 

  • We are the first breeders for the Hanoverian, who DNA's and genetically tests our puppies, not just our breeding pairs. Why?

    • We want to ensure what we are producing is healthy, before it ever leaves our property.

    • We want our records and puppies, to be verifiable, by dna parentage.

    • We often use two males per breeding, to be more efficient, and to reduce the number of litters our females need to produce, we know they would rather be out tracking! That's right, our breeding females work - or they would not be bred. We DNA our pups to verify parentage. Other breeders of the HS we have seen - work the males (if you are lucky) and not the females. AKC/FSS/UKC Conformation shows do not classify as "work", and I'm not sure they help the breed, at all. Conformation is important, but it needs to be done among peers of the same breed, and judged by those who know it well. 

    • We hold several puppies back from every litter we produce and we work them. We know what we are producing when we have carefully selected a pairing. Other breeders sell all their puppies at 8 weeks and never hold any back to work - this is not what breeding is intended for. We are highly critical of ourselves and if our pups are not as we are promising - we change direction. We do not keep breeding the same pairs over and over again.

    • We are the first Hanoverian breeder to work with UC Davis to develop the first ever Hanoverian Scenthound genetic diversity program. We believe any one who truly breeds the Hanoverian to improve it, will put their emotions aside and join us. We don't have to agree, to help the breed. We invite anyone, even if they don't like us, to participate.

    • We are the first Hanoverian breeder to develop an organization for higher standards - meaning conformation as well as working performance, as is done in Europe. Currently, the HS is in "FSS" status in the AKC, and it doesn't really make sense for us to show in this organization for many reasons.  One, it would be unlikely that there would be enough dogs of the same breed to compete against. Secondly, we don't want to bring such awareness to the breed, that it becomes a fashion statement. We are very serious about preserving the breed in its entirety. You may be thinking we would all be biased, however, the judging in our organization is held once a year, and judged by European guest judges. We do fully support and encourage owners to take part in the many activities the AKC has to offer, as well as joining our breed club. Put emotions aside, and bring your best dogs!

  • Breeding restrictions: You may be saying - how does this make us BETTER?

We aren't gatekeeping, but we are also not going to hand out full registrations to just anyone.

  • If you feel you "need to make your money back" we are not the breeder for you.

  • If you don't agree that there is an insane amount of backyard breeders in the US, we are not the breeder for you.


  • ​​If you have years of experience with high level dog training, using modern methods

  • Have the financial ability
  • ​Can demonstrate basic knowledge of canine genetics or willing to become educated

  • Willing to play an integral part of our breed club in some capacity, and abide by the rules

  • ​Will fully participate and invest in ​the genetic testing, dna profiling, and preservation of the HS

  • Will uphold the highest standards of care for their dogs and puppies

  • Will hold back and work their puppies, even at great expense

       If you meet the above criteria, we are open to speaking with you about it! 

If you live within 100 miles of us, we are open to co-ownerships. 

For all of these reasons, we believe we have the best Hanoverian program in the country, and some parts of the world. Please feel free to contact us at anytime, if you have any questions. We are here to help.

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