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We have puppies once or twice per year depending on what our plan is. We are expecting a litter of Hanoverian Scenthound puppies around February of 2024, as well as a litter of Malinois, undetermined when as of now. Scroll to the bottom to stay updated on upcoming litters. It's a good idea to get on the waiting list asap, if you want a pup from us. 

It is important to note: there are several Hanoverian lines in the USA that have demonstrated high sensitivity to things in their environment and react with a great deal of fear to people they don't know. This is genetic. We have carefully selected outgoing, social, purebred Hanoverians from Europe who possess high environmental thresholds. There are no US bred dogs nor are there any mix breed versions of the Hanoverian in our program. We do not breed crosses, nor do we select dogs for breeding that are not social or unsound environmentally. Please see our page on genetics, here.


We take breeding very seriously, we are not the breeder for you if:

  • You feel that you need to breed your puppy to make your money back

  • You feel a dog should be kept in a kennel far away from family in the backyard

  • You feel a dog can and should be kept tied up to a tree, stake, or other item

  • You think that a dog is a human

  • You think its cute when a dog is overweight

  • You don't want or can't spend money on the correct gear/supplies/food for your new dog

Puppy Photo Gallery

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